CMC Laboratories' Patents and IP
CMC Laboratories holds over twenty (20) US patents and continues to develop new innovative material solutions for the technologies of tomorrow. CMC also holds numerous co-patented technologies with various customers and continues to be a key contributor in developing and refining a customer patented technology base.  CMC has been transferring advanced technologies from its laboratories to the commercial sector since 2003. Our technologies have been licensed to start ups, as well as Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries including the optoelectronics, power electronics, RF and microwave, semiconductor, aerospace, and medical devices.  
US 9,340,462 - Transient liquid phase, pressureless joining of aluminum nitride components
US 7,679,185 - Microcircuit package having a ductile layer
US 5,011,872 - Thermally Conductive Ceramic / Polymer Compositions
US 5,424,261 - Low Temperature Sintering Route for Aluminum Nitride Ceramics
US 5,311,399 - High Power Microelectronic Package
US 5,763,093 - Aluminum Nitride with Grade Metallurgy
US 5,773,377 - Low Temperature Sintered, Resistive AIN
US 5,541,145 - Low Temperature Sintering Route for AIN
US 5,324,570 - Microelectronics Package
US 6,399,182 B1 - Die Attachment Utilizing Grooved Surfaces
US 5,888,446 - Method of forming an aluminum nitride article utilizing a platinum catalyst
US 6,017,485 - Process for making a low electric resistively, high purity aluminum nitride electrostatic chuck
US 4,560,454 - Electrolysis of halide-contaiing solutioins with platinum based amorphous metal alloy anodes
US 4,609,442 - Electrolsis of halide-containing solutions with amorphous metal alloys
US 4,705,610 - Anodes containing iridium based amorphous metal alloys and use therof as halogen
US 4,781,803 - Electrolytic processes employing platium based amorphous metal alloy oxygen anodes
US 4,859,413 - Compositionally graded amorphous metal alloys and process for the synthesis of same
US 4,923,770 - Amorphous metal alloy compositions for reversible hydrogen storage and electrode made therefrom
US 4,952,465 - Additive for energy storage devices that evolve oxygen and hydrogen
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Publications and Papers
An analytical laboratory that excels at root cause failure analysis as well as help eliminte the failure.
Technology Based Tutorials 
CMC develops customized client specific technology focussed tutorials that provide in-depth technical background and training for research, development and engineering staff. Below are examples of recent tutorials. 
Electroless Plating (2009) 
Thin Film Metallization (2010) 
Electroplating for Electronic Packaging (2006) 
Wirebonding (2016) 
Electronic Failure Analysis (2015) 
Picosecond Laser Drilling (2015) 
Thick Film Metallization (2006) 
Publications and Papers
An analytical laboratory that excels at root cause failure analysis as well as help eliminte the failure.
Publications and Technical Papers
1.   The Impact of Plated Layer Contamination on Semiconductor Assembly: A Failure Analysis Perspective, Jonathan Harris Ph.D., CMC Laboratories Inc., Global SMT & Packaging, August 2016

2.   Ag Plating in HBLED Packaging, Jonathan Harris Ph.D., CMC Laboratories Inc., Solid State Technology Magazine, March 2014

3.   A New Thermal Management Material for HBLEDs based on Aluminum Nitride Ceramics,  Jonathan Harris Ph.D., CMC Laboratories Inc., HBLED Magazine, September 2013

4.   A New Ceramic Material for High Power Semiconductor Applications based on Aluminum Nitride, Jonathan Harris Ph.D., CMC Laboratories Inc.,  Power Electronics Technology Magazine, October 2013.

5.   Key Electroplating Elements for Power Semiconductor Assembly,  Jonathan Harris Ph.D., CMC Laboratories Inc., Power Electronics Technology April 2013.

6.   Smart Rack Plating Technology Development, Gabe Carrasco, Jonathan Harris Ph.D., Erich Rubel, CMC Laboratories Inc. and Tom Becket, Tom Beckett Electrochemical Plating Consulting, Metal Finishing July/August 2010.

7.  Selecting Die Attach Technology for High-Power Applications,   Jonathan Harris Ph.D., CMC Laboratories Inc. and Michael Matthews, Ormet Circuits Inc., Power Electronics Technology January 11, 2009.

8.   The Role of Interfacial Compound Formation on Package Reliability,   Jonathan Harris Ph.D. and Erich Rubel, CMC Laboratories Inc., IMAPS Advanced Materials July 2008: 20.

9.   Tough Thermal Apps Drive AuSn Die Attach,   Jonathan Harris Ph.D. and Erich Rubel, Semiconductor International. October 1, 2007.

10.   Material and Interfacial Impact on Package Thermal Performanc,  Jonathan Harris Ph.D., Rudy Enck, Erich Rubel, Nick Leonardi CMC Laboratories Paper presented at MEPTEC Thermal Conference (May 2005).