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Technical Market Analysis
Custom Technical Market Analysis Services
  • CMC prepares technical market analysis customized to specific customer requirements
  • Focus areas:
    • Materials utilized in electronic packaging and assembly
    • LED technology including materials, packaging technology and thermal solutions
    • Advanced ceramic materials and applications

CMC Business and Market Services include:
  • Technical market analysis for advanced materials in electronics
  • Technology motivated acquisition target identification
  • Technology assessments 
CMC Approach to Market Analysis (See Diagram Below)
  1. Provide a thorough assessment of the technology, technical market drivers, competing technologies and technology roadmap
  2. Connect key technologies to applications and end markets
  3. Market size and growth derived from end user market size and growth
  4. Technology Roadmaps utilized to determine market growth potential and risk
CMC Methodology:
  • Utilize key understanding of technical requirements for products within CMC's focus areas.
  • Utilize CMC's wide network of contacts at every level of the supply chain within CMC's focus areas.