Innovative Materials Solutions for Electronics

About CMC Laboratories

CMC was founded in 2003 by a group of scientists and engineers with a long history in the electronics packaging industry. From the beginning, CMC’s focus has been on solving materials related problems in electronic packaging and assembly applications.

CMC’s business has three main business focus areas that are closely interrelated.

The first business focus is on Failure Analysis and Materials Related Consulting. CMC uses advanced analytical tools, material science expertise and broad experience in electronic packaging and assembly process reliability to determine root cause of material failures. CMC then works closely with customers, often at their manufacturing sites, to propose and validate solutions. More information on this business area can be found in our Failure Analysis section, and you can see many examples of CMC’s expertise in our Knowledge Base section.

A second business focus for CMC is the development and licensing of packaging related technology, particularly in the area of high thermal performance ceramic materials. The technologies that CMC licenses are described in our Licensing section. CMC also does development, within our areas of expertise, under contract for specific customers.

Lastly, CMC does select low volume manufacturing of specialty materials or processes. Currently, CMC does low volume electroless and electrolytic plating for outside customers using a process that was developed in-house at CMC for this specific application. CMC also develops and sells thick film metallization pastes for high thermal performance materials such as AlN. You can see more about CMC’s low volume fabrication capabilities in our Development section.

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